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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Altered Target Mailbox

The mailboxes from the Target Dollar Spot seem to be all the rage lately, so I decided to give altering one a try.  I left it somewhat simple but think it still turned out cute.  I gave this mailbox along with some coloring books and box of crayons to the little girl mentioned in my previous post.

  • Pink Mailbox (Target Dollar Spot)
  • Scrapbook Paper (Target Dollar Spot)
  • Flower Foam Stickers (Target Dollar Spot)
  • Colored Cardstock -- Pink & Purple
  • Zip Dry Paper Glue
  • Paisley Cartridge
  • Purple Ribbon
  • Pink Ribbon
I started with one of the pink mailboxes from Target.  I selected one of the papers from the paper pack and cut it down to 4 x 12".  I used the Zip Dry adhesive to adhere the paper to the mailbox.  Before adhering the paper I removed the flag from the mailbox.  Once the paper was adhered, I adhered one of the flower foam stickers where the flag would be.  I then removed the center of the flower and punched a small hole in the paper.  I used a brad to reattach the flag to the mailbox so it would still be functional and be moveable.  In order to keep the brad from being sharp on the inside, I covered the ends with some tape. 

To embellish the flag a bit, I wrapped a small piece of ribbon in a bow along the arm of the flag.  I also adhered several different sizes of foam flowers to the flag to create layers.  I also wrapped some purple ribbon along the edges of the ends of the mailbox and adhered it using the Zip Dry.

I didn't cover the ends of the mailbox with paper.  Instead, using the Paisley cartridge, I cut out the ladybug.  I used the pink cardstock for the shell layer and purple cardstock for the body layer.  I assembled my ladybug and then used some of the red flower foam stickers as the "dots" on the shell of the ladybug and adhered the assembled ladybug to the front cover of the mailbox.

Once it was finished, I placed a Hello Kitty stuffed animal inside and put in a few suckers and pieces of candy.  I had originally planned to put a pink little teddy bear inside; however, one of my dogs apparently got upset that I bought a stuffed animal for someone other than him and decided he would "take" the teddy bear for I had to replace the teddy bear with Hello Kitty.

I hope you've enjoyed this project.  Thanks for stopping by.

5 Crafty Comments:

RobinJ said...

What an adorable project! Too cute and LOL regarding your doggie's antics!!!

Heather the MooseLover said...

Really cute project. Target has some great Dollar spot items. I'm sure the little girl will enjoy her gift.

Audrey Frelx said...

I don't see the picture. I clicked on the label and nothing happened, and it's not visible on your blog -- am I missing something? I'd really like to see what you've done!

Audrey Frelx said...

They finally came up! Those are so cute!!! Whenever I go to Target, they NEVER have those mailboxes! I am going to try the tiny ones on the Love Struck cartridge because I love the mailboxes. One of these days, I'll get to Target when they do have them!!! They look like they'd make great gifts.

You did great!

I'll be seeing you!

Audrey Frelx said...

Okay, now I see the pic!!! How cute is that! Still can't find those mailboxes at Target! Uuurgh! Yours is really cute! You did a great job!

Oh, when you have time, come on over to visit and cast your vote for blog candy, okay?

I'll be seeing you!

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