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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Organizing my Cartridges

I decided to start off the new year by organizing my cartridges and making them easier to transport to/from crops.  Carrying them around in their boxes gets to be too much...and takes up a lot of room.

On the cricut message boards there is a thread that has links to the handbooks that have been printed to pdf files with 6 pages per sheet.  I've started printing those out for the cartridges I have and am putting them in a binder with sheet protectors.  Thanks to Scubascrapper for the idea.

I also saw a suggestion on the message boards, or was it someone's blog (?), about using the craft organizers from Walmart (for $1.97) to put the cartridges in.  It will be so much easier to carry around 2 of those organizers and a binder than all of those boxes.

I can't wait until I've finished printing out all of the pages for the handbooks.  Once I'm done, I'll add some pictures to this post showing the completed project.  I got a good start buy my printer just ran out of color ink so I can't finish printing out the handbook pages.

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Audrey Frelx said...

I need to organize my carts too! They're everywhere! Can't wait to see the completed handbook.

I'll be seeing you!

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